Saturday, February 12, 2011

every scar tells a story .

HI , its been awhile since i last blogged . im currently at peiwen's house now && she's bathing in the toilet with her sister now . HAHAHAHAH (Y) they are screaming inside o___o im here waiting for others to come to wen's house . WHY ARE THEY TAKING SO LONG ?! and ed-lynn ditched us again , she's not coming to wen's house ): oh well , as usual she's the DITCHER ! anyway Happy Chinese New Year peoples ! gonna gamble tonight ! wish me luck ! :)

xx .

Saturday, January 15, 2011

better to know and be disappointed than to never know and always wonder .

20th of dec .
Hi , i miss my super duper uber crazy bestfriend ! ):
(Y)(Y) * click to enlarge .

feeling so fucked up , i wanna scream out loud so badly . fml.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

gave you all i had and you tossed it in the trash .

HI . okayy, my blog is so deadd :O yeah , i don't blog that often so please excuse me :D so im form five this year , senior year baby! i've been fooling around way too much , so i will be more serious on my studies now . im a lazy ass , seriously . i need at least 12 hours of sleep a day or not i'll feel de-energized . bestie already started studying and having study group at the library (Y) the last time & the first time i went to the library , i ended up sleeping there . HAHHAHA . imma sucker in STUDIES . LALALALA , peace yo ! apparently i've been annoying my mum with blackberry , HAHAHAHA. i can be really annoying, i remind her every fucking day about it but she doesn't feel annoyed .__.

went to curve and kota damansara yesterday , ate snowflake . AGAIN . HEH, im currently a snowflake addict . im writing a letter to my bestie now , YEAH PEIWEN ITS FOR YOU . excited anot ? :P im gonna do my homework after this , im doing homework peopleeeeeeee ! can't wait for spm to ends , im so gonna dye my hair . yeah i know theres still long way to go but time flies ! :D:D & i still have my hair highlighted , didn't bother to dye back . OH WELL . hope i won't get caught *finger crossed* will try to update my blog if im hardworking enough :B
hide and seek ?
i know i know , CHUBBY.

& yeah im the treasurer of the class , AGAIN .

sincerely ,
tiffanny .

Friday, December 10, 2010

08 . 12 . 2010

Happy sixteenth birthday bestfriend ,
"ewk-lynn" !
five years of bestfriend and im still counting on . i love you and i know you love me too :P i hope you like the present , & yes, i love the present you guys gave me. i still remember XXS (Y) funny moments . we talk on the phone last night for almost 2 hours ! we have never tried talking that long eih ? we were laughing like mad cows .__. we should do this more often lah wei . how i wish you, wen and me live next to each other and we can go yumcha together . our crazy imaginations , and i found someone who have a louder laugh then you do . im pretty sure you know who im talking about . && sorry for the fugly cardboard, was rushing . we didn't get to camwhore together that day ! :/ we should camwhore more on wen's birthday :D


anyohaseyo !

  • celebrated ed's birthday at sunway
  • had tutti fruiti for my very first time .
  • watched people skating in the rink and hoping one of them will falls down . HAHAHAHA kidding.
  • went to redbox . eh ed, still remember the alejandro mv, we changed it asap because lady gaga is practically humping the guy -____- horny much HAHA.
  • we sang baby by justin bieber to ed-lynn :P
  • bought cupcakes for lynn.
  • camwhore pictures ? HEH HEHH.



22 . 11

texting who ah ? :P

ciaozz .

Friday, November 19, 2010

you're my heart beat , baby .

yoooz :D
daddy's shop ; wondermilk ; midvalley
butterscotch milk is the lavhhh.

favourite ♥

i lavh my hair :D

HAHA , don't mind me . my mouth and nose are way too retarded :D HEH

i know most of the pictures you can barely see my face but i like itt :P korean food for dinner tonight . dubokiiii , yuummm.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

ian somerhalder - TEAM DAMON .

why lah you so hot ? HAHAHAHAA

Friday, November 12, 2010

i was careless , i forgot it was just a illusion .

Hi , heh . yes im blogging again , im so bored right now . just finished gaming & am chatting with the besties now . i asked both of my besties to download maple and they did . thank you lavhhs ♥ i think gaming is a good way to diet , because i actually will stop craving for food when im gaming . yeah , im always craving for food when i have nothing to do . what a fatty right (Y) anyway im thinking of doing master cleanse , its the easiest way to lose weight . all you have to do is drink lemonade diet for ten days , drink it eight times a day and no food at all . after that , you will lose five to nine kilograms . so tempting right ? cramp is so annoying , making me feeling so paranoid that im having period but no . sometimes i think girl can be a paranoia , because we girls will actually think that we have breast cancer or cervix cancer or getting pregnant after having sex . we are also tend to get heartbroken real easily, fragile, weak, get period pains and a lot more problems than most men . men are just lucky bitches :(
to be honest , sometimes i hope i was a kid again . so carefree , don't need to have so much thoughts in your head and wondering when is the world gonna end . but kids now probably will be scared to death and can't stop asking their parents are they going to die in 2 years time after watching 2012 . HAHAHAH :P

& im currently annoying wen with my tsk tsk tsk *evil smirk*

Monday, November 8, 2010

i love it when i hear lyrics that totally apply to my current situation .

HI, exams are over . whee for me because im having holidays now , heh . so i went out last wednesday , watched the other guys . not really my kind of movie , wanted to watch RED but pei wen was wearing FLATS . so she looks more like a kid if she stands next to me , HAHAHA :P *oh oh oh , and pei wen hates standing beside me that day because i was like shooo tall and she was like so shortttt *big big grins* she will probably get chased out from the cinema because its a PG 18 . after movie, we played pool . seriously, i suck at pool , i can kill people with that freaking stick . anyone wanna tryy ? :D but thanks to daniel for telling me which ball to hit and how to hit.... yeah , im THAT noob , don't mind me please . and daniel was trying to make siew ling jealous throughout the outing , funny moments . don't get me wrong please . ed-lynn cristelle foo ! you know how much i miss you right ? and i've been stalking youuu (; BE PROUD AH PLEASE . the last time i saw you was like what? six months ago ! six freaking months ! you ditcher , you've been ditching me way too much , TOO MUCH . and you're not forgiven . but at least we webcam-ed ♥


Friday, October 8, 2010

this is your world , shape it or someone else will .

tuesday ; study group ; devi's corner ; home ; SLEEP :D
was sleeping :D

@ perhentian .

mum's & dad's birthday dinner .

curled my hair but failed .

baiii .

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

i wish there is backspace in real life .

" the problem with boys ;
they can make you believe that they love you even if they don't .

the problem with girls ;
they can make you believe that they don't love you even if they do . "

facts .